Letter: Falcon Heights mayor, council applauded for tobacco policy

I want to commend Falcon Heights Mayor Peter Lindstrom and the entire Falcon Heights City Council for their recent commitment to protect our local youths by updating the city tobacco ordinances. Interestingly, soon after these changes were made, the pharmacy chain CVS announced it would no longer sell tobacco in its stores. These kinds of measures are all important in creating a healthy community. The council’s recent decision to require a minimum age of 18 for anyone selling tobacco or tobacco products greatly reduces the peer pressure youth employees often feel to sell to other minors. Our city leaders have consistently shown they have our youths’ best interests in mind with the decisions they make. They have taken steps that help protect our youths from a lifelong addiction to nicotine and the many devastating health, financial and other problems that go with such an addiction. Again, thanks to the mayor and council for maintaining and improving the great quality of life we have in Falcon Heights. Nancy Strege Falcon Heights

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