Letter: Falcon Heights should have organics recycling

As residents of Ramsey County, we are able to deliver our organic and compostable recycling products, such as food-soiled paper, food scraps and tissues, to several garbage sites throughout the county. This program has allowed us to have more of a positive impact on the environment and to be more mindful of the products that we throw away. While I am a strong proponent of the organic-waste recycling program, I believe that we should make environmental stewardship more accessible to everyone.

If elected to the Falcon Heights City Council this November, I would like to collaborate with neighboring communities to establish an organic recycling pick-up program like those in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park. Not only does the current program in Ramsey County limit those without cars from participating, but it also leads to more cars on the roads and the inconvenience of traveling out of one’s way in order to dump smelly compostable products.

The aforementioned cities that have established pick-up programs allow residents to participate for free, and I believe that we should do the same. If elected, I will have discussions with neighboring communities to potentially partner with Falcon Heights to make organic recycling more accessible to residents.

If you like this idea, or have thoughts on improving this proposed collaboration, please let me know. As we get closer to the municipal elections this November, I welcome feedback from voters and fellow community members. I can be reached at 763-242-0816 and Dixon4FalconHeights@gmail.com.


Ronald Dixon
Falcon Heights
City Council candidate


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