Letter: Is serving on the District 12 council for you?

Did you hear that the new St. Anthony Park community plan is in semi-final form (sapcc.org/planning) and is being finalized in cooperation with the city of St. Paul?

The 10-year plan is based on the ideas and viewpoints of nearly a thousand people who live, work and study here and was produced under the leadership of the St. Anthony Park Community Council.

Our council is the local body that helps us learn about, think through and decide how to address issues and plan for the future. In addition to a small staff, it’s committees and board are all volunteers.

For me, working with the marvelous and talented people on the council is a stimulating, meaningful and satisfying way to serve our community.

Is serving on the council something for you, too?

It may be, if you live, work or study in the neighborhood; if you have an interest in working toward a better community; if you’re willing to share your expertise, to learn and to broaden your perspective to find solutions to complex problems; and if you have a few hours to contribute each month.

If you are not already familiar, attend a monthly meeting of the Equity, Land Use, Transportation or Environment Committee to see whether it’s a good fit. Or sit in on a board meeting to get an overview of the committee and staff’s work. Details usually are posted on the SAP Listserv and Nextdoor St. Anthony Park before each meeting and are available at sapcc.org/get-engaged.

Whether or not you are able to serve on the council at this time, please take the visions of the community plan to heart. In small and large ways, we each can help preserve what is great and improve what is not in St. Anthony Park.

Michael Russelle, District 12 Community Council

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