Shakespeare in St. Anthony Park is over for this year. Thanks to all of you, it was a great success. The teens in the workshop worked intensely for 11 days and then presented “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” three times. The next week, 10 middle-schoolers worked intensely for four days and presented a show created from Shakespeare scenes and speeches.

Both groups did a wonderful job, had great fun and learned a lot. The kids and teens were terrific; the director was terrific. But what brought it all together was a wonderful, supportive neighborhood. More than 400 people attended the performances. Luther Seminary provided space. Businesses displayed the posters and quotations from the play. Tim &Tom’s Speedy Market provided snacks for the kids. Micawber’s Books sold copies of the play. People gave donations online and at the shows. Our library association, our community foundation and businesses helped with grants and donations.

The Bugle and Transition Town helped to spread the word. When it came time to find costumes, a call to the St. Anthony Park neighborhood listserv even brought forth graduation caps and gowns for the actors to use.

It took a village and you, St. Anthony Park, were there.

You can find a slide show of photos from rehearsals on the Transition Town newsletter page,

We look forward to seeing you next year.

Shakespeare in St. Anthony Park planning team: Maya Beckman, Jennifer Bowen Hicks, Sue Conner, Janet Lawson and Lisa Sackreiter

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