Letter: Land Use group to publish zoning recommendations soon

With a great turnout on a very cold night, and with 11 local “example” designs to consider, the design forum review meeting on Jan. 28 yielded a great deal of input from neighbors and others on the issue of allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in St. Anthony Park. Since then, we’ve been using what we learned to help refine our vision of what ADUs, if permitted, should be like and which zoning code controls will be necessary to ensure that that vision is realized.

By late February we expect to have a final version of the ADU-related code revisions that will be recommended for approval of the Land Use Committee and the District 12 Community Council.

When the final (pre-approved) version becomes available, it will be posted on the Land Use Efficiency (LUE) group’s page of the District Council website (www.sapcc.org). We intend to publicize its availability on the District 12 home page, in an ERG newsletter and by posting a link to the documents on the SAPark listserv.

We hope that the document will be reviewed carefully by as many neighbors as possible, and that we receive any comments they have as quickly as possible. With the comments (positive or negative) we expect to receive, we hope to fine-tune the code revisions being proposed. With them we hope to ensure the best possible outcome as we move forward (hopefully) toward allowing ADUs in our neighborhood, under the terms we, as a neighborhood, request.

Phillip Broussard

St. Anthony Park Land Use Efficiency Action Group

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