Letter: Library story time revisited

After I read retired St. Anthony Park Elementary School principal Tom Foster’s letter in the December 2014 edition of the Park Bugle (“Days of volunteer-led storytime at St. Paul libraries ends”) I was very upset and puzzled. One would have to search long and hard to find a more “professional” person to lead storytelling at the St. Anthony Park Library.

Many of us in the neighborhood who had children at St. Anthony Park Elementary or worked for Mr. Foster there saw his devotion to the well being of children. I tried to gather as much information about what in the heck really happened and talked to many people. It all seemed like a big muddle in communication. I am glad to learn that he will be back doing what he does so well.

As a volunteer myself, I could feel the pain of receiving the message he heard. It shows what a good man Tom Foster is that he accepted an apology (that I hope he was offered) and is returning. What I think Ms. Kit Hadley, director, SPPL (who wrote a letter in the January 2015 Bugle) needs to find out is what happened. Tom didn’t make up the message he received.

—– Cindy Bevier,  St. Anthony Park


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