Letter: Mitra Jalali Nelson would bring a fresh voice to St. Paul

Please join us in voting for Mitra Jalali Nelson in the Ward 4 City Council Special Election on Aug. 14. Mitra offers a kind of leadership that we need at this time in our ward and our city. Her campaign is not a lamentation of change, rather it is a call for all of us to participate in building the most welcoming, prosperous and sustainable chapter of our community’s rich history.

As an organizer and former teacher, Mitra believes people thrive when we create equal access to opportunity. In Ward 4, continuing to expand housing and transportation options while growing opportunities for employment are priorities that lift up families and improve life for all of us, together. As a woman of color, a child of immigrants and a renter in our community, Mitra will bring a fresh new voice to the City Council.

If you’ve met Mitra, you know she listens; she’s approachable, energetic and knows how to work with people to get things done. In Ward 4, we have a strong tradition of electing women and men to represent us who actively lead the city. When Russ Stark recently left this role, he was the council president, and he has endorsed Mitra. Mayor Melvin Carter has too.

Please join us all in voting for Mitra on Aug. 14.

Jeff and Emily Blodgett, Mary Briggs and Jon Schumacher, Beth and Jon Commers, Kathy Magnuson, Charlie Nauen and P.J. Pofahl, Erica Schumacher and Andrew Collins,

St. Anthony Park

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