Letter: Nationwide disclosure law needed for homes with flood risks

This fall, as we watched the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, we are again reminded of the havoc that flooding can wreak on our own communities and the cost to taxpayers around the country.

Unfortunately, while some states require flood-risk disclosure for new homebuyers and renters, many families in our state are left in the dark. That means that they don’t know if they live in a floodplain, if they should buy flood insurance, or if their homes have previously been damaged by floods.

The fact that some of our neighbors are unaware of their flood risk and could unknowingly be in harm’s way during the next flood is immoral and needs to be addressed by Congress.

Bipartisan solutions exist on Capitol Hill. We just need Congress to enact them. In December, as the National Flood Insurance Program is reauthorized, I hope our elected leaders can work together to create a nationwide disclosure law so everyone buying or renting a new house is given the flood-risk information they need to make safe decisions.


Matt Steinureck, Minneapolis

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