Once there was a Norwegian bachelor farmer who lived alone on a very nice farm. From all outward appearances he seemed quite satisfied with his place in life. On a sunny summer’s day there was a knock at his door. When he opened it he found a small group of fine looking men and women with clipboards in hand.

To his astonishment he was told that they were in the process of deciding what kind of new home he should have. What dimensions, kind of siding, driveway access and all manner of personal decisions a new home owner has to make. Apparently this very nice, dedicated and well-intentioned group had been meeting amongst themselves and with various township officials for nearly two years to come up with probable specifications for change.

My farmer friend thought this to be quite curious and downright presumptuous in that no one asked him if he was even interested in building anything. He listened politely, suggested that they go to town for a coffee, and come back and then ask him if he wants to change any part of his living accommodations. As he said, “Then maybe there will be a reason to look at your clipboards.”

(That is the reason I chose not to fill out the recent ADU surveys Parts I, II and III.)


Jack Neely, St. Anthony Park

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