Letter: Not in my back forest?

A long overdue “Thank you” to Luther Seminary for allowing families in this neighborhood to enjoy Breck Woods for many, many years. Luther Seminary never put up fences or “no trespassing” signs on their property, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the woods. The seminary now faces a dire economic challenge and hard decisions must be made, as I understand it, in order for survival. Selling land seems to be the only way that this institution can survive. What a great opportunity to help create a place for low-income rentals and housing! Certainly, a small tract of trees and forest isn’t more important than creating affordable housing, the No. 1 priority of our mayor and of the St. Paul City Council.

Does NIMBY ring a bell? Not In My Back Yard? Or perhaps it should be NIMBF? Not In My Back Forest? Our St. Anthony Park neighborhood will not be protected forever.

Mary Baker, St. Anthony Park

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