Letter: Progressive Dinner brings us closer together

Tree-lined streets, Luther Seminary, the Creative Enterprise Zone, the U’s St. Paul campus, the Green Line, the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival, July 4, Do the Dow, our schools, playgrounds, nonprofits, breweries and vibrant business districts are among the elements that make St. Anthony Park an extraordinary place to live, work and play.

But it’s our neighbors who make this place we call home truly special.

The annual Progressive Dinner, which is scheduled this year for March 4, is a centerpiece to making our strong neighborhood even stronger. Join us.

We’re a group of your neighbors who are Progressive Dinner regulars and boosters. Every year, from the hors d’oeuvres gathering at the Centennial United Methodist Church St. Anthony Park to the salad course to the main course to dessert, we get to meet new people and hang out with old friends as we move from house to house and story to story.

The food is (generally!) pretty good, but the Progressive Dinner isn’t necessarily a gourmet event. It is, rather, a moving feast of community conversation.

Here’s how it works: First, you sign up by Friday, Feb. 24, at this website, http://tinyurl.com/sapdinner. You indicate which course of the Progressive Dinner you want to serve to about eight people, many of whom you won’t know. Then, a dedicated group of volunteers sorts through all of the registrations and creates a rotating set of dinner parties by a secret algorithm known only to them.

You have the salad course at one home with one group of dinner guests, and then move on to another house with another set of tablemates for the main course, and, finally, on to dessert with yet another set of new pals at another St. Anthony Park home.

It’s a lot of fun and it means you get to know a whole new cohort of neighbors who you can say hi to on your daily visit to the Hampden Park Co-op or Speedy Market.

From one group of neighbors to you, please join us for the Progressive Dinner and an evening that is quintessentially St. Anthony Park. Sign up now.


Clay Ahrens & Jana Johnson, Amy & Kenny Beckman, Kevin Bevis & Arlene West, Deb Bordsen & Norm Bailey, Jeannine & Kent Cavender-Bares, Beth & Jon Commers, Karen Cooley-Kistler, Fred Dulles & Cathy Jordan, Gina Fabiano, Monica Fogg, Alice Hausman, Ann Juergens & Jay Weiner, Mary Keirstead & Edward Swain, Jane Leonard & Lori Lippert, Ann & John Mark Lucas, Kate & Mark Mabel, Kathy Magnuson, Anna Martinson, Rae Montgomery, Starke & Breanna Mueller, Christy Myers, Mia Nosanow & Seth Levin, Dennis & Turid Ormseth, Rebekah Richards & Mike Hvidsten, Linda Ricklefs Baudry, Karen Rue & Gary Bieniek, Fariba Sanikhatam, Jon Schumacher, Mike & Becky Stannard (all the way from England!), Steve & Nancy Struthers, Pat Thompson, Cindy & Blaine Thrasher, Diane & Nevin Young, Alisa & Bruce Weber and Joe & Mary Wild Crea

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