Letter: Seminary should not develop green space at Como Avenue

On Oct. 13, we attended a third disappointing open hearing with Ecumen, the developers for Luther Seminary who wish to build a co-op apartment complex at Como Avenue and Luther Place.

The controversy is not with the idea of more senior housing for St. Anthony Park but rather, with the proposed site.

Holding more meetings with Ecumen will not resolve the fundamental issues involved.

The controversy will not be resolved until President Robin Steinke, Vice President Michael Morrow or members of the seminary board agree to meet and listen directly to the concerns of the St. Anthony Park community.

The seminary has 26 acres of land and a number of other possible building sites; they should not be offering the wonderful open “green space” at the corner of Como and Luther Place, and they should show some basic concern for the community at St. Anthony Park Lutheran before they close off access to the parking lot, which has been shared by the seminary and the church for over 50 years!

Joe and Sue Everson, Luther Place, St. Anthony Park

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