Letter: Shirley Erstad’s campaign: Let’s elect her

Mary Maguire’s letter (Bugle, May 2018) supporting Shirley Erstad’s candidacy makes the point directly: Elect her. The Ward 4 campaign supporting Shirley Erstad as our sharp-as-a-tack candidate for St. Paul City Council is gearing up. This summer, before the Tuesday, Aug. 14 primary, many of you will visit with Shirley at planned events in Ward 4. In addition, local, inspired and friendly Erstad folks will also be chatting with families at their front doors in Ward 4 neighborhoods.

Conversations with neighbors can cover Shirley’s 25-year experience as a mom, homeowner and leader in St. Paul, her values and positions on current issues. Workers will also be interested in hearing what youthink about St. Paul and Ward 4 issues and opportunities. We will take notes. See you soon.


Jim Hulbert, Ward 4

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