Letter: Street Machine Nationals was showcase of horrible behavior

For three days, July 15-17, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds hosted the O’Reilly Auto Parts Street Machine Nationals, touted on the fairgrounds website as a “showcase of over 5,000 street machines and muscle cars.”

A large portion of these excessively noisy cars blasted through the neighborhoods surrounding the fairgrounds, causing residents extreme aggravation and stress. As if that wasn’t enough, the reckless drivers seemed to enjoy making their cars even louder by stomping on their gas pedals, speeding up to well over the speed limits and endangering everyone’s safety.

I call on everyone who was outraged at the terrible behavior of these dangerous drivers to follow me in doing two things. First, contact the fairgrounds via their website at mnstatefair.org and urge them to never host this horrible event ever again. And second, contact O’Reilly Auto Parts and tell them that you are boycotting their stores until they cease sponsoring the Street Machine Nationals.

Tim Walker, St. Anthony Park

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