Letter: Thank you for your good deeds and collective prayers

This is for the heroes who showed up just in time, when I needed them most.

They are all around us in this St. Anthony Park community. Some of them I recognize and know their names. Many others are anonymous. I am the beneficiary of their good deeds, recipient of the power of their collective prayers, and have been humbled by their generous support and resources.

My name is Krag. My home suffered extensive fire damage on the morning of Dec. 14, 2016, just a week before Christmas. I was at work. My dog Toula, a Lab/Husky mix, was safe, thanks to my neighbor Gene. Maybe you’ve seen the house at 2357 Carter Ave. It’s a three-story Victorian built in 1890. A once- beautiful home, its fate is yet to be determined. It has been home for 12 years. SAP has been home for 27 years.

Human kindness has been overflowing. The first of a legion of heroes were there the morning of the fire to help any way they could. (Using first names only) Meg and Deb and Wendy and Lindsay and Tom and Gwen were there to offer support and help retrieve valuables and personal items from the smoky charred remains of the home. The St. Paul Fire Department Station 23 was amazing as a team and as individuals. Each one expressed their condolence. State Farm agents Sharleen, Ryan and Jeremy were on the scene that day.

Within days a GoFundMe account was established through Britt and St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church. More than 80 people responded, many of them anonymously. This fund is bridging the gap between living expenses occurring today and some future date when I receive insurance benefits. Local businesses have come to my rescue too. Tim & Tom’s Speedy Market, Terri and Kim at Salon in the Park, Finnish Bistro, All Season Dry Cleaners, Muffuletta, Park Dental, Park Service and Dog Days provided unexpected support and caring. Include the dozens of anonymous angels who provided encouragement, support and resources.

This is written with the deepest appreciation for the physical and emotional rescue all of you gave me. This generosity will be paid forward. Your gift of kindness will be remembered forever.

Krag Swartz, currently in temporary housing in a wonderful duplex apartment at 2291 Hillside Ave.

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