Transition Town–All St. Anthony Park member Mimi Jennings penned this poem at a recent poetry-writing gathering at Micawber’s Books.

A Great Turning is afoot. It promises to employ kitchen methodology, so here’s a recipe to consider:


* Calls—1 per neighbor—resident or worker—to participate

* 2 parts conversation (do not peel away the listening part)

* 2 parts urgency, tempered

* Several new connections, human

* Similar amount of spontaneity, small dice

* 1 Big Idea or Vision, local flavor

* 1 generous dash political action or activism (both together would not overpower sauce)

* Sharing to taste

* Spice blend—1 pinch of each:





* Leavening:



* Persistence as needed

METHOD (note that there is no such thing as too many cooks):

1. Pre-warm heart—images of birds, oceans, grandchildren serve.

2. In a space the size of a home or as wide as a tribe or country, blend first four ingredients. Hold off on added spontaneity; at this point Vision may unfold of its own accord.

3. Gently fold in Big Ideas by turns with next four elements, preserving balance.

4. Since mix will depend on who shows up, re-introduce first ingredient. Personalities, cook time will vary with altitude; both leavening and spice blend might need adjustment.

5. Add persistence over time.

6. Serve equal portions to all participants,

who will take it in to nourish

the view of the Earth as alive,

and us as some of its many cells.

—-Mimi Jennings, St. Anthony Park

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  1. Katy Smith Lynch, aka Zakiya

    Mimi, You have always inspired me to smile, share cultures, respect and enjoy life. From the frenchie 5 hr dinners shared chez Nicole & Michel to French teacher

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