Letter: The inner work of climate action

The inner work of climate action

Some people are natural activists, eager to march, to raise their voices. Others, like me, are slower to find their way into an issue. But whatever our personal style, the global climate crisis calls on all of us to act, right now. Shrinking our carbon footprint means changing habits: home energy use, transportation, food and purchasing choices, for example. And—natural activist or not!—we can all urge our leaders to mobilize what some are calling a World-War-II-level effort to preserve a livable climate (visit TheClimateMobilization.org).

Meanwhile, how do we do the “inner work” of climate action? As we face this enormous challenge, how do we process the feelings that go with it? And how can we find our way to action? Answer: together. I’ve found some clarity, and some new friends, in the Reflective Circle, which is part of Transition Town – All St. Anthony Park, a group of neighbors working for a positive, local response to climate change. In these open, monthly “story circles,” people take turns responding to simple questions that spark sharing about the natural and human systems we live in. Then we respond to each other, and as we do so, we find our way forward.

Join us for the next Reflective Circle on Saturday, July 25, 12:30-2:30 p.m., at the St. Anthony Park Library, 2245 Como Ave. (The next chance will be Monday, Aug. 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at St. Cecilia’s Church, 2357 Bayless Place.) For details, visit TransitionASAP.org: click on Action Groups, then Reflective Circle. While you’re there, learn more about Transition Town’s other projects, and join hands with your neighbors. The opportunities are great, and the seeds of change lie within all of us.


Mindy Keskinen, St. Anthony Park



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