Wake UP America

Much of the soul of America shines through brightly now with their support of the slaughter of innocents in Gaza. Beginning with our President, most of our Senate and Congress, mainstream corporate media and a good portion of the general public, all standing behind supporting the genocide of innocent civilians particularly women and children in Gaza. All who deserved to live a good full life as much as anyone in this country.

I must say I am shocked that anyone can eyewitness or know in their mind’s eye what is happening to the Palestinians and think that Israel is doing the right thing. Remember we all have blood on our hands as the U.S. supplies the funds and the arms which make this horror possible. Things in Israel and Gaza would look much different today were it not for that support.

I in no way support the violence perpetrated by Hamas on Oct 7th, but I don’t know either what it would be like to have lived for seventy-five years of brutal oppression under the occupation of Israel. There has to be a boiling point. I consider them to be no more terrorists than the Israelis. Yet that term is what is used to justify the genocide we are witnessing in Gaza, the West Bank and elsewhere.

Please remember the innocent civilians, especially the children as we gather to celebrate the Holiday season as Bethlehem cancels their Christmas celebrations this year.

 The whole world is watching us.

Barry Riesch, St. Paul

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