Letter to the editor: Connect with Transition Town

Last month, Transition Town All St. Anthony Park, with its mission to work on a positive, local response to climate change, won a generous grant from the Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation. We are very grateful for this support and the many neighbors who voted for our work. Your vote of confidence means a lot.

We value the proposals of the other two finalists—Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute and Shakespeare in the Park—and hope to share creative forces with these groups in the time ahead.

There are many ways to connect with the neighborhood’s Transition Town activities. To receive our news bulletin, to join an action group or to participate in the monthly planning group, e-mail the Energy Resilience Group at erg@sapcc.org.

Mindy Keskinen, Duane Schriever, Allie Rykken, Ranae Hanson, Mimi Jennings, Barry Riesch, Janet Dietrich, Marilyn Benson, Tim Wulling Suzanne Garfield, Regula Russelle and Michael Russelle

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