Letter to the editor: Consider the consequences of changing zoning code

We are writing in response to the thoughtful and well-articulated comments printed in the Bugle last month about the proposed change to the zoning ordinance for St. Anthony Park. As residents of St. Anthony Park for 38 years, we share Mr. Foster’s sentiments and appreciate the thoughtful concerns outlined in his letter.

We urge friends and neighbors to carefully consider the likelihood of significant consequences for our community if the proposed change to the zoning ordinance is approved to allow residents to build additional houses on lots where houses already exist and to modify existing houses to accommodate more than one family. In addition, the proposed change also allows the requirement for a conditional-use permit to expire after one year, leaving neighbors without a voice in the future of their neighborhood.

At this time, St. Anthony Park is a historic neighborhood that offers a unique quality of life. Doubling the number of houses on a single property is not necessarily the best way to help seniors continue to live in St. Anthony Park.

Although we understand the need to seek ways to better utilize our resources and “reduce the carbon footprint,” we feel changing our current zoning ordinance is not the way to accomplish these goals.

Keith and Karen Hovland St. Anthony Park

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