Letter to the editor: Correction

We want to correct information relayed in our letter to the editor regarding the St. Anthony Park Library lands. At the time the letter was written we were still researching at the Ramsey County Property Research Library. In our letter to the editor for May 2016, we had indicated the following: The first three lots for the library (Lots 22-24, Block 37) were purchased by the Improvement Association of St. Anthony Park (the precursor to the St. Anthony Park Association) and donated to the city for the library. Luckily, the fourth lot (Lot 21, the lot in question) was donated (Ramsey County I.D. #515892-3 by Edward and Grace Freeman/Harry and Celia Clemons) in 1917, the year the library opened.

It should be corrected to read: The first two lots for the library (Lots 23-24) were purchased by the Improvement Association of St. Anthony Park. Lots 21-22 were donated by Edward and Grace Freeman who resided at 2196 Carter Ave. Dr. Edward Freeman was a botany and later plant pathology professor. He was offered the job of chief plant pathologist at Kew Gardens near London, but declined the offer. Dr. Freeman later served as the dean of the College of Agriculture, University of Minnesota.


Mary Maguire Lerman,  Bill Lerman and Cindy Anderson, St. Anthony Park

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