Letter to the editor: One simple email

I just picked up and recycled yet another issue of Bulldog Bargains that had been left in the gutter in front of my house. It is frustrating to see all this litter in our yards, sidewalks and streets.

It is even more upsetting when I see that the litter is being delivered by child labor. I hate seeing a mom driving down the street in her minivan, yelling at her child to run faster as he drops handfuls of Bulldog Bargains on the sidewalk (Raymond Avenue, last May). In July on Keston Street, I watched a father in an SUV get angry with his son for walking instead of running as he dropped the Bulldog Bargains; the dad drove away and left the child temporarily stranded and scared.

I shared my frustration with the Pioneer Press and was delighted to receive the following reply from Greg Moss (gmoss@pioneerpress.com): “I will immediately have the Bulldog Bargains product delivery stopped. I can only cancel with a direct communication from a customer so if you know of other neighbors who want it stopped, please pass along my email and I will have them stopped as well.”

I felt powerless to stop this mess, but I’m encouraged to see that we can each stop it with one simple email.


Cheryl Olman, St. Anthony Park

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