Letter to the editor: Please curb your dog

My neighbor, Diane Norris, and I were doing yard work in our own gardens on Sunday, Sept. 7, when a couple allowed their big brown dog to invade Diane’s hosta bed and defecate.

We both called out to them to stop the dog, but we were informed by one of the adults “it was just a hosta bed.” He continued to express his viewpoint in a belligerent manner, telling me that his dog could go anywhere on either side of the block and that was what we get for living on a walkway. He finally cleaned up the mess and proceeded down Gove Place, where the couple allowed their dog to perform in the hosta bed behind the Emily Program building.

They are not the only ones.

I know when my flowerbeds have been contaminated on the inside of my property. I also frequently see people with their dogs using the Emily Program bed and also the flowerbeds on Como Avenue. People stand in the alley behind the Emily Program and let their dogs use the back of my neighbor’s property all the time.

This has been going on for years. I tried to call law enforcement to find out if there were laws pertaining to this, but no one was able to state whether or not there were such laws.

Whether it’s legal or not to allow your dog to defecate on your neighbor’s garden, my question is: When will humans learn manners when taking care of their pets?

Ellen Healy and Diane Norris, St. Anthony Park

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