Letters to the editor

Disturbing peace and quiet

As a 31-year owner of one unit of an 11-unit townhome community situated directly across from the new Mason apartment complex on Territorial Road, I have a few things to say. The developers of The Mason at no point ever gave us the courtesy of any notice of what was going to happen across our “quiet” street.

The construction simply commenced a year and a half ago with the removal of many nice trees that were in their way.

Then, of course, came the noise, road closures, vibration, dust, power disruption and parking
issues as workmen parked their cars all along our half street on Hunt Place. All without one word of notice, apology for the inconvenience or acknowledgment of our presence at all from the developers of The Mason.

Who cares about 11 families who are their neighbors directly across the street? Apparently, not the developers or the management of The Mason.

Guess why one of the reasons the story in the Bugle mentioned that the area The Mason is situated on is “ideal.” It’s because we, the owners of the 11 homes across the street have kept our properties up and nice looking for 37 years to try to keep our area safe, homey and family friendly.

What consideration did we get from the developers of The Mason for our trouble from early 2020 to the present day? None. We have been completely ignored by them. And the prices they are charging for studios on up speak for themselves.

Larry Ripp, townhouse owner Bakerwest Townhome, St. Paul

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