Letters to the editor

The nine lives of Zena

On June 6 my cat Zena, a black cat with no collar, shot out the door. An indoor cat of four years really does not know where home is. In my search for her, I had numerous dog walkers and others offered to help find my cat.

I now have met many beautiful people. Some of the most astounding are Elliot Krein who allowed me to use his garage to leave food, water and a pet trap. Nick Hasslen, allowed me to place pet traps, food and water on his property.

Two other outstanding people, Vanina Orezzoli and her friend checked each day, sometimes several times at Nick’s property, to see if Zena was there. As if that wasn’t enough, Katie Fryxell offered to place cat food and water at her house.

Will and Charlotte Barrack, their two youngsters, also searched for the cat. Nancy Laskaras along with several others called to say they saw a black cat. Our postal carrier, Doug, also watched for Zena.

Then early afternoon on July 20, Brita Hauser found Zena and brought her to my house. What a fabulous neighborhood.

In the course of losing my cat, I found many new friends.

Nancy Larkey,
St. Anthony Park

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