Letters to the editor: Too Late?

Melanoma hacked out of left calf last week; jawline issue MOHS’ed to death yesterday.

Met with “special” cardiologist this afternoon regarding a possible implant of some ticking nature. Got me to zeroing in on the future while watching folks amble in and out of the cardiologist’s waiting room a month ago, as well as now watching Dick Hyman and Stephanie Trick playing “I’ll See You In My Dreams” astride piano: two people I would love to see in person – and Hyman is age 92 now.

Do not wait to do the things you dream of doing in “retirement” that you are fit to do today. Like Nike says, “Just do it!” — now!

For if you wait, you will have great regrets, when you are too old to clip your own toenails, as you focus on the bent attendant’s balding head while thinking of all your missed opportunities. You may not just lament, but silently rage at your life-long caution.

This will be the plight of most of us advanced octogenarians. For although we may well have a good mind, we are bound by less stamina, mobility, failing body-parts, fewer friends and the possibility losing a life-long partner. Then, the grandkids move—and you lose your driver’s license.

If you have reached the “elder” status and are in fairly good health, you probably know that hearing, “Man, you are looking good!” will not suffice. Up your game.

Consider selling the motorcycle, hire someone to do the home maintenance jobs that keep you tied down (or move into a first floor condo), and think seriously of why you maximized your 401K.

Then lock the door on the way out to do those things you have dreamed of, before someone mis-clips your little toe and you bleed-out due to misreading your warfarin dosage.

It simply is not true that “It’s never too late!”

Jack Neely, St. Anthony Park

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