I feel compelled to stick up for the woman who offered up her home to the author [Guess Who’s Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner? Park Bugle, December 2015].

The author was agreeable in taking advantage of the person’s willingness to open up her home at below market prices but not very tolerant when confronted with values different than his. The author points out that most of us have gay relatives and that we are forced into either accepting the gayness of loved ones or disowning them.

There is another choice that we have and that is to tolerate people, loved ones or not, that have a different set of beliefs or sexual orientation. I certainly don’t know this woman’s heart, and I think that it wasn’t nice or fair to impugn her character and call her condescending names in an opinion article without giving her the opportunity to rebut in her defense.

Paul Kirkegaard, DDS St. Anthony Park

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