By Lisa Sackreiter,

The Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol left questions about what Inauguration Day, just two weeks later on Jan. 20, might hold. Taking control of what they could on a day of unknowns, a day of change, a day of hope; five area churches orchestrated a candlelight peace vigil that night on Jan. 20.

The organizers designated a walking loop up and down Como Avenue between Luther Place and Raymond Avenue. Participants entered at any point during a designated time frame in order to avoid gathering and to maintain COVID safety distances.

Some of the churches distributed battery powered LED candles and glow sticks. The windy weather made it challenging to keep traditional candles lit.

There were about 50 walkers in this event, a mindfulness exercise around peace. A few of the marchers were confirmation students from St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church who were specifically asked to reflect on the questions of inner peace and peace within our community.

Walking with others from the neighborhood allowed participants to contemplate and cultivate peace in community with those they live near every day.

Lisa Sackreiter is a St. Anthony Park resident and a member of St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church.

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