Liz supports the Bugle and here’s why

Liz Danielson, a more than 25-year resident of Falcon Heights and former head of the Park Bugle board of directors, talks about why she supports the Bugle.

Why are you committed to living in the community? What makes it special?

Liz: The Bugle neighborhoods (St. Anthony Park, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale and Como) are great places to live, whether you are retired, as I am, raising children or anything else. We have great homes and parks, friendly neighbors and unique shops.

My husband and I live across from the Falcon Heights Elementary School playground and love watching the children walking to and from school and hearing their happy voices on the playground. I can’t imagine a better place to live!

Why do you support the Bugle?

Liz: I’ve been an avid reader of the Bugle since I moved here. It’s a great way to learn about what’s happening in and around the neighborhood, learning about interesting people who live here and for keeping up to date on current events, new developments, stores and restaurants.

I learn things from reading the Bugle that I probably wouldn’t find out about otherwise. It really helps me feel more connected to the community.

Why do you donate to the Bugle?

Liz: The Bugle wouldn’t be here if it didn’t have such strong support from residents and businesses. So many community newspapers have disappeared in the past few years. I don’t want that to happen to the Bugle.

I am happy to contribute financially to help the Bugle survive and thrive. I look forward every month to finding out what’s happened and what’s new. Long live the Bugle! 

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