Marigold’s fall lineup to include some drinks that are really dope

By Janet Wight

Marigold, the first nonalcoholic bottle shop in Minnesota, recently opened for business in St. Anthony Park’s Milton Square. The store stocks a wide variety of alternative beverages including nonalcoholic beer, wine and cocktails. Cannabis drinks are also offered.

Among the fresh new beverages being featured at Marigold for the fall season is a nonalcoholic cider recently developed by Milk and Honey Ciders of St. Joseph, Minnesota. “It is an exciting product since there are few craft brewed, nonalcoholic ciders on the market,” said Marigold owner Erin Flavin.

Also, Marigold is collaborating with Bauhaus Brew Labs, a northeast Minneapolis brewery, to develop a new THC beverage. Marigold is assisting with the flavor development and design work. They hope to have it available at the shop in October, Flavin added.

Spirit replacements are another one of the trends in the nonalcoholic space. These alcohol substitutions can readily be used in cocktails for anyone who might prefer a zero-proof option for sober socializing, Flavin explained.

The store attracts a variety of curious shoppers including individuals on the sobriety spectrum as well as those searching for something unique. Other customers are specifically seeking nonalcoholic or cannabis beverage options.

Adaptogens, derived from herbs, mushrooms and other plants, are among the nonalcoholic options, Flavin added. Adaptogen beverages, chocolates, gummies and tinctures are featured at the store.

At just 380 square feet, Marigold is located in the space formerly occupied by The Little Wine Shoppe. Its original store is located in south Minneapolis, where tastings and events are held on a regular basis. Visit to learn more about upcoming gatherings. 

Janet Wight is a regular freelance writer for the Bugle.

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