Micawber’s Books closing in April

As the Bugle went to press, Micawber’s Books in downtown St. Anthony Park was scheduled to be “closed until further notice” due to health problems of its long-time owner Tom Bielenberg. 

Tom Bielenberg, owner of Micawber’s Books. Photo by Park Bugle archives.

“Friends of Micawber’s will be saddened to learn” Bielenberg fell on Sunday, March 3 “and sustained several broken bones,” said Dave Healy, former Bugle editor who is active in book events at the store, 2230 Carter Ave. in Milton Square Shops. .

On March 9, Bielenberg was at the Hennepin County Medical Center and “faces a lengthy convalescence,” Healy said. “Micawber’s will be closed until further notice.”

This is at the least the second recent setback for downtown St. Anthony Park. In January, the popular apparel and craft store Bibelot this winter closed its location as its founder retired and new owner, White Bear Lake-based Good Things, did not keep the St. Anthony Park location open.

The Bugle will post updates on Micawber’s on its Facebook page as further information becomes available. 

—Scott Carlson, managing editor

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