Here is the latest “Midpoint,” a mid-month Web report on some local news and information received since the publication of our June issue

Emergence Festival at St. Paul’s Como Lake

Representatives from Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, The Bell Museum, Afya Sanaa, BrightSide Produce, Transition Twin Cities, Ramsey County Emergency Management, Victoria Theater Arts Center and others will share how they are helping to transform our future at the “Emergence Festival” from 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday, July 24 at St. Paul’s Como Lake.

The festival is so named as people emerge from their “COVID cocoons.” As you visit the various groups, people will have the opportunity to imagine a world where racial and economic justice prevail, ecosystems are healed and face future challenges with resilience.

Parking may be limited, so ride share, bike, or take a bus, if possible.

If you can volunteer to help with logistics at the site or other tasks, please let us know at

For more information

—From Michael Russelle, Transition Town ASAP

District 12 opposes Highway 280 speed increase

Committee members collaborated on a draft resolution opposing a possible increase in the speed limit on Highway 280.

Members of the SAPCC Transportation Committee and Environment Committee are concerned that faster traffic will, among other things, increase noise on on-and-off ramps. Their resolution was approved unanimously by the District 12 Board of Directors at its May meeting.

Representatives from MnDOT were expected to attend the Transportation Committee’s June 29 meeting to answer questions about the speed limit proposal and listen to resident concerns. Neighbors from surrounding communities and members of other interested organizations and councils can contact the SAPCC office for meeting minutes or with offer further questions or concerns.

—Anne Holzman

Virtual community sing-along

Ann Reed and Dan Chouinard will hold their monthly virtual community sing-along live from Ann’s backyard at 7 p.m. today ( June 21).  To join the sing, please use the link to Ann’s YouTube page:

‘Who gets to vote?’

The League of Women Voters-St. Paul chapter will present a Zoom webinar on June 29 from 7 to 8 p.m. titled “Who Gets to Vote?” Presenters will provide context on changes to voting/election laws, the impact that they have on those who administer the elections as well as those who may be affected by the changes. The program is free and open to the public.

For further details and to register, go to the League’s website at (

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