Murray alum releases new game

Frank Thibault

Frank Thibault

Frank Thibault, a 1942 graduate of Murray High School in St. Anthony Park, recently released his new board game “In Kahoots,” now available through Amazon. Players think up winning hints and make guesses to phrases saying, “getting in kahoots” to a half-right guesser. Players then hope to score with a breakthrough clue.

This adult family game can also be played by “above-average children,” Thibault said.

Thibault grew up in the Como Park neighborhood and graduated from Murray High School and the University of Minnesota. He now lives in Silicon Valley.

Thibault’s interest in creating games started as a teenager, when he created a football board game. Other games followed, which he gave away as Christmas gifts. His first published board game was PLOY (1970), one of four of his games purchased and published by 3M.

Frank was recently surprised when he received a digital version of PLOY prepared by a player who told Frank he “fell in love with the game as a 11-year-old.”

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