Murray class proposes planting pollinator garden

The Murray Middle School E2 class and mentors.

The Murray Middle School E2 class and mentors.

Murray Middle School’s e2.4 science class presented a pollinator garden proposal to Murray administration, St. Paul Public Schools facilities management, local concerned citizens and representatives from the University of Minnesota’s Monarch Lab on Nov. 4.

The students have proposed installing the garden in front of the school near the flag pole. The students are shown here in the area where they plan to plant, along with their teacher, Tim Chase, and guests at their presentation: assistant principal Jamin McKenzie; principal Stacey Theien-Collins; Tony Schmit, a graduate student at the U who mentors at Murray; Mary Maguire Lerman, a horticulturalist whose specialty is invasive species; Jon Schumacher, executive director of the St. Anthony Park Community Council; Todd Larson, from the district’s facilities department; Lisa Sackreiter, a Murray parent who helped install a vegetable garden at the school; Michael Russelle, a retired soil scientist and neighbor; and Sarah Weaver of the Monarch.

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