Murray Middle School scientists head to state

Murray sent 45 science fair projects to the Regional Science Fair Feb. 24 and 25. All students had fantastic projects, and 10 were chosen to advance to State Science Fair March 24-26. Five projects were selected to participate in the Broadcom Masters National competition, which is based on the research paper that accompanies the projects, and several students received specialty awards. Students who went on to state and won awards include:

Minnesota State Science Fair Competitors: Anna Gaudio, Amen Gidwani, Tana Ososki, Mira Seeba, Sam Skinner, Nora Thomey, Peter Wenger, Sebastian Zarkower, Owen Finlay and Annelise Purcell.

Broadcom Masters: Anna Gaudio, Amen Gidwani, Tana Ososki, Peter Wenger and Sebastian Zarkower.

Specialty Awards: Owen Finlay, ASM Award; Michael Guevera Sanchez, Owen Finlay and Mira Seeba, East Side Science Club Award; Marit Isaacson, Slatery Sales Group; Kaeden Warnber-Lemm, TCRSF Excellence Award; Bridget Lee, U.S. Air Force Award; Peter Wenger, 3M Film and Manufacturing Inventor Recognition Award; and Owen Finlay, 3M Commercial Solutions Division Award.

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  1. marit isaacson

    although i went to state that year for science fair, my name is only on the list of specialty awards earned that year.

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