Murray student’s History Day paper goes to Hmong Archives

A History Day judge requested that Txee Yang’s History Day paper titled “The Vietnam War: The CIA Secret War” be sent to the Hmong Archives in St. Paul to be considered for inclusion in the archives’ permanent collection.

Here is an original poem she included in the paper:

One day the Green Berets came

General Vang Pao, a leader in this town

Men of old and young, grabbing their guns

Ladies holding their babies, watching the men flee

In the jungle, the guns rang.

In the forest, no bird sang

My mother’s gone to the garden

My father to the gun

My brothers following his footsteps

Me and my sister left all alone

Suddenly the Americans retreated, leaving the Hmong defeated

Crossing the Mekong, as the guns rung

Sitting in the airplane, feeling so much pain

My mother to my left, my sister to my right

My father’s in the jungle, my brothers lost in sight

Here I am now, wondering how?

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