Murray’s middle school model includes team teaching

Murray’s new middle school model teaches in teams. A team is a number of students assigned to a group of teachers for all their core subjects: math, science, social studies and language arts.

Teams of teachers meet regularly to plan activities for the student teams, coordinate curriculum and hold conferences with parents, students or the administration. Teaming creates the environment of a small community within a larger school setting.

Currently, there are two teams at each grade level, and they are listed below.

Team Buford, grade 6: English, Carol Moran and April Vaughn; math, Kathy Brion; science, Karina Zambreno; social studies, Courtney Major; and special education, Julie Retka.

Team Como, grade 6: English, Liz Curran and Linda Morrison; math, Kate Hunziker; science, Kristi Berg; social studies, Ron Beck; special education, Will Upton; and ELL, Lucy Jueneman.

Team Grantham, Grade 7: English, Carrie Bittner; math, Laura Burrows; science, Nick Altringer; social studies, David Hughes; and ELL, Antonia Dempsey.

Team Raymond, grade 7: English, Jill Elliot; math, Dawn Nalepka; science, Sonja Dunlap; social studies, Carrie Newman; and special education, Eileen Slagle.

Team Luther, Grade 8: English, Kathy Romero; math, Mike Laska; science, Mary Crowley; social studies, A Yang; and special education, Laura Weghorst.

Team Hendon, Grade 8: English, Beth Boyer; math, Ryan Eggers; science, Tim Chase; social studies, Kristin Siskow; and special education, Jean Decker.

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