Neighbor’s view of Luther Seminary

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America website believes in being good stewards of their land.

As a longtime neighbor of Luther Seminary, I am deeply disappointed in their care of God’s creation.

Photo by Ann Sisel 

No matter if there is a pending sale of this land in April or not, the property should not be neglected. Their needless dumping of debris on the land, abandoning of a 1920s house that the neighbor children call a haunted house and the placement of an ugly storage container near our homes is appalling. And lastly, in the clean-out of Northwestern Hall, perfectly good furniture has been thrown into a dumpster instead of donated to those who may need it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone purchased the house on 2323 Hoyt and rehabilitated the charming four-bedroom, 1920s home on the large wooded lot?

We neighbors all try to keep up our properties. However, living next to this religious organization that appears not to care for its neighbors or the environment is a real shame. We only hope that President Robin Steinke and operations staff rethink how they are treating their neighbors, the woods, the structures and the beautiful land.

Ann E Sisel
St. Anthony Park

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