New city planner joins Falcon Heights

By Anne Holzman

The Falcon Heights city staff recently welcomed Hannah Lynch as their new planner and community development coordinator.

And Lynch’s move from the Carolinas to the Twin Cities has been an adventure … and a cold one, at that.

Lynch said she first toured Falcon Heights virtually, using Google Street View, and liked the “small-town feel” with the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and fields close to city conveniences.

Lynch’s impression was confirmed when she visited Falcon Heights with her husband and enjoyed a pub meal and a drive around town. Lynch said she has “never missed a yearly fair in my life” and is excited to have the Minnesota State Fairgrounds right down the street from her new office.

“I’m envisioning corn dogs during my lunch break,” she said.

As for her December arrival in the Twin Cities, Lynch admitted that some of her Carolina friends questioned her new location.

“I have never seen this much snow in my life and these have been the coldest temperatures I’ve ever felt,” Lynch said in early January. “I’m hanging in there right now, though. I have a nice warm coat and some good tires and I’m managing to slide in the correct direction down the road.”

Lynch graduated from the College of Charleston in 2011 and has been living mostly in the Carolinas since then, with some travels due to her husband’s Navy assignments. She has three daughters who will finish the school year in North Carolina and then move to Minnesota with their father.

“My husband and I are approaching this time apart with as much humor and grace as possible,” Lynch said, “But we are obviously very excited to all be back together in the summer.” 

Anne Holzman is a Twin Cities freelance writer covering Falcon Heights and Lauderdale government news.

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