New show opens at Raymond gallery May 26

Raymond Avenue Gallery, 761 Raymond Ave., will present the pottery of S.C. Rolf and the assemblages of Glen Riddle in an exhibition that opens Friday, May 26, and runs through Friday, July 21. An opening reception will be held May 26, 6-8 p.m.

Rolf makes one-of-a kind functional objects that are meant to be used daily. “The routine of life is often filled with beauty that is missed or passed over. My work celebrates the daily routine of eating, drinking, storing and pouring,” he said.

Riddle’s work includes “collections of things from the natural world and things people have handled in their everyday lives: bones, buttons, birchbark and bottlecaps; sticks, stones, scissors and silverware; crutches, nutshells, neckties and knickknacks.”

“My products range from silly to sacramental. I stand by them,” he said.

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