Murray e2.6 science students

Students visit Wolf Ridge

The Murray e2.6 students spent an April weekend at Wolf Ridge in northern Minnesota and participated in a U.S. Forest Service job fair and familiarized themselves to the ways of Wolf Ridge. These students will go again in the summer to complete a science fair project they will present at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair next school year.

History Day award winners

The following Murray students (and one teacher!) received special awards at the Minnesota State History Day competition April 28:

Civil War History—This award honors entries focused on Minnesota’s role in the war and Civil War military history: Lydia Westerlund, “Clara Barton: The Conflict and Compromise of the American Red Cross,” junior individual performance.

History of Education—This award honors entries focused on the history of education: Soren Sackreiter, “Conflicts and Failed Compromises: Segregated Housing at the University of Minnesota in the 1930s and ’40s,” junior individual documentary.

History of Exploration from 500 CE to 1825 CE—This award honors entries focused on the impact of exploration between 500 and 1825 CE: Kai Sackreiter and Henry Brandt, “Minnesota’s Northern Boundaries: Conflicts and Compromises from 1783 to the Present,” junior group website.

History of Rural America—This award honors entries focused on the impact of rural America in history: Ellery Tennison, Julia Pletch and Clare Marchant, “Dorothy Molter: Conflict and Compromise in the BWCA,” junior group performance

Labor History—This award honors entries focused on labor history: Annika Culver and Alice Wagner-Hemstad, “The Teachers Strike Back,” junior group website.

LGBTQ History—This award honors entries focused on LGBTQ history, with a preference for unique and intersectional topics:’ Greta Seppanen and Siri Pattison, “A Case for Marriage: Jack Baker and Michael McConnell’s Journey to Make Love Legal,” junior group documentary.

Minneapolis History—This award honors entries focused on events or issues related to the history of Minneapolis: Hemeti Apet, “A Campus in Conflict: The Morrill Hall Takeover,” junior individual documentary.

Minnesota’s Laws and Courts—This award honors entries on contributions of the judiciary to the state of Minnesota: Mairin Blank and Anna Lovat, “Sexual Harassment: The Conflict that Caused a Class Action Lawsuit,” junior group performance.

Teacher of Merit Junior Division—Carrie Newman

Use of MNHS Collections—This award honors entries using primary source materials from the Minnesota Historical Society collections, with a preference for those using collections as source material and not merely for illustrative purposes: Emily Brenner and Maria Brenner, “The Minnesota Loyalty Conflict,” junior group exhibit.

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