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Student plays lead role at Guthrie

Eighth-grader Isadora Swann is one of two actors who played the role of Scout in the Guthrie Theater’s adaption of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The production, which ended Oct. 18, included three sets of two young actors to play the roles of Scout, Jem and Dill.

Teaching his peers about autism

Third-grader Jackson Cook began the school year introducing himself to his classmates a speech about autism.

“Raise your hand if you know what autism is,” he said. “Raise your hand if you know that I have autism.”

Cook’s speech was featured in a KARE 11 report in September. He explained to his schoolmates that “some parts of my brain work really well and some parts of my brain work not very well.” He wanted his new class to understand why he’s easily frustrated or avoids eye contact.

His mom, Beki Cook, told the TV station that her son feels more empowered to say “that’s because of the autism in my brain.” It was important to her that Jackson and others “are able to see the difference between Jackson and the autism,” she said

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