Next Level TWF expands

By Janet Wight

Next Level TWF (Training Wellness Fitness) is a south St. Anthony Park fitness center serving the local community.

Owned by recent college graduate Jonathan Swenson, the studio opened in June 2021. Only a year later, Next Level fitness has expanded into a larger suite in the refurbished Wycliff building, 2327 Wycliff St., Suite 155, featuring a 4,300 square-foot workout area that is primarily a free weight dominant gym with Torque Fitness equipment.

Services offered include personalized step-by-step exercise programming, basic nutrition, personal training and athletic development. Everyone interested in learning about fitness, improving their health or advancing their knowledge of training should consider joining the gym, Swenson said.

Swenson said his goal is to provide an affordable, safe and comfortable space for individuals of all fitness levels. Although it can be intimidating to begin a strength training program, it is exactly what most people lack, he added.

Swenson grew up in St. Anthony Park and attended Central High School. During this time, he gained experience as a youth soccer coach at Joy of the People, a youth soccer organization in St. Paul. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and pre-health professions from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

After considering other professions, Swenson realized that helping people reach their fitness goals was his primary career passion. He welcomes anyone who is uncertain about weightlifting to try his approach, which combines personalized guidance, encouragement and support.

Three affordable membership tiers are available. The Open Lift level provides access to non-reserved equipment along with a convenient virtual option.

The Next Level membership includes a customized exercise plan along with a reserved 30-minute time slot for the weightlifting rack and barbell. Swenson teaches clients how to properly use the equipment in order to maximize safety and results.

The Next Level Pro tier provides a wide range of benefits including detailed weekly coaching, and testing and tracking with specific challenge goals to ensure continued progression.

Open Lift memberships are available for $35 to $45 per month. Next Level and Next Level Pro tiers are available for $135 to $170 for a 3-month term (averaging $45 to $57 per month.)

Most clients come in twice per week for workouts, Swenson said, which can easily align with work, school or family responsibilities. He added that plenty of progress can be achieved at this commitment level. For example Markas and Liisa Welk have been members since last December and they said they have been pleased with their results.

“The goals are in areas of strength, speed, toning and injury prevention,” Welke said. “You get the experience of having a personal trainer and an individualized workout plan without the excessive fee. Our strength has increased dramatically and we both feel great.”

Swenson noted that many of his clients have established meaningful connections with other members while they strive to achieve their wellness goals, and that is exactly what he envisioned when he opened the gym. Word-of-mouth marketing has broadened his customer base, he added.

Low cost testing events, accessible to the public, will be offered every three months. Individuals who attend will receive feedback regarding their overall flexibility and strength.

Swenson said he is planning to host an open house sometime in July. (At the Bugle’s press deadline, the day and time of the event had not been announced). 

Janet Wight, a resident of Como Park where she lives with her husband and daughters, is a contributing freelance writer to the Bugle.

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