Not-quite-as-Little Wine Shoppe expands offerings

By Janet Wight

The Little Wine Shoppe in St. Anthony Park offers a highly curated selection of wine, beer and spirits to the local community. Originally in Milton Square, it moved to its current, more spacious location on Como Avenue in July 2022.

As the seasons change, different wine pairings emerge. “The cooler weather begs to be paired with richer, bolder wines,” owner Pam Johnson said.

Examples she cited include pinot noir from Burgundy paired with beef bourguignon, Pinotage from South Africa with a vegetarian black bean shepherd’s pie or Bordeaux with herb-crusted roasted lamb. Another of their showcased seasonal products is the transition red wine Dreolino Chianti.

Additionally, white wine pairings are enduring favorites. Suggestions include seafood with sauvignon blanc, a mushroom dish with French chardonnay or a cheesy recipe with rosé, she continued.

Stouts and porters are popular autumn beers, along with pumpkin-flavored brews. For Bavarian beer enthusiasts, Festbier and Hefe Weissbier are great options for this time of year.

Products are frequently refreshed, Johnson said, based on requests and feedback from the store’s regular customers.

Free in-store wine tastings are offered every third Thursday of the month. Customers may sign up for emails which provide information on upcoming tastings along with a discount coupon, Johnson added.

She invites anyone interested to stop in and learn more about the new beverages available this season, as she strives to “please every palate and pocketbook.”

For updates on featured offerings, including colorful descriptions and photographs, visit The Little Wine Shoppe on Facebook. 

Janet Wight is a regular freelance writer for the Bugle.

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