‘Not Quite the Roadshow’ at Roseville Library

Did you ever wonder what Grandma’s teapot or Grandpa’s baseball card collection is really worth? Or maybe you inherited a mysterious object. It’s interesting, it’s unique, it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, but what is it?  Welcome to One-Hit Wonders—Not Quite the Roadshow: Antiques and Collectibles Day at the Roseville Library.

Professional antiques appraisers Bonnie Lindberg and James Marrinan will be on hand Saturday, May 4, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., to evaluate the first 70 items brought in by the public. Participants can drop off one item per person starting at 10 a.m. Public evaluation of items by the appraisers begins at noon.

You can bring in photos of large items, but please, no jewelry or dolls. Participants will be asked to sign a security release to cover the period while the item is being examined.

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