Opposing Pipeline 3 

“It’s time to put the pressure on Walz and Line 3”

For too many reasons, including climate change, treaty rights, and water protection, we need to put pressure on Gov. Tim Walz to prevent the Line 3 pipeline from being built. This pipeline is not about jobs or the economy. This is something that will benefit a small number of wealthy people while making things worse for those who have a lot to lose and can’t stop the awful things that are happening to our beautiful state.

As a St. Paul parent whose children’s high school was used to advertise Tim Walz’s campaign for governor, I want him to know that I am part of his “One Minnesota,” AND I REJECT LINE 3. My fear is real, and my children’s future is at risk. St. Paul residents are also at risk: We rely on the Mississippi River for our drinking water (along with 60 million other people), and Line 3 will cross the Mississippi twice near its headwaters.

During the permitting process, 68,000 Minnesotans submitted public comments in opposition to Line 3, while only 4,000 submitted comments in support of the project. Tim Walz needs to know that the vast majority of Minnesotans are NOT in favor of the Line 3 pipeline.

To let Governor Tim Walz know how you feel, contact him at The Office of Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan by calling 651-201-3400, or leave a message on their website: mn.gov/governor/contact

—Aaron Kerr

                                                               St. Paul  


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