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The Bugle will be honoring high school and college graduates with special “Congratulation Grads” announcements in our July issue. Submit your graduate’s ad today.

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Upcoming Bugle deadlines

Here are our Bugle deadlines for the next three issues. As always, we appreciate when writers and readers submit their articles early.  

Please note our publication dates represent when the newspapers go out for delivery. Mail distribution of the paper may take up to several business days. Meanwhile, bulk drop-offs of the paper around town are usually completed two to three days after publication. 

  • June 2023 Issue (SAP Arts Festival Guide): Deadline, May 10
  • July 2023 Issue (Graduation Recognition): Deadline, June 14
  • August 2023 Issue: Deadline, July 12

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Park Bugle Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery is a combination of photos from our print edition and pictures that we could not run due to lack of space. We are accepting photo submissions from readers for possible publication. Got an interesting photo of something that happened or is going on in your neighborhood?  Send your photo submissions to editor@parkbugle.org with the caption line “Photo Gallery.” 


Home (grown) brew

Sandy and Jay Boss Febbo are bringing a new meaning to the word “microbrew.” Their 1,300-square-foot brew house at 2320 Capp Road is “small by design,” said Sandy Boss Febbo. “We are a super-small building with a small footprint.” The...
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A wonderful life

Banker, arts advocate, community-builder, Andy Boss’s long career has touched all corners of the city What’s the key to good leadership? “Get to know people,” says Andy Boss. And over his long career as a bank president, arts supporter and...
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Barley genome? Done

U professor makes news as genome-mapping is completed, opening doors to drought- and disease-resistant crops and tastier beer A St. Anthony Park resident was in the news recently for a discovery that could potentially influence things as seemingly unrelated as...
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Red state, Blue state

50 years ago, Bugle-area voters leaned Republican, but the partisan divide wasn’t quite as deep as it is today No one who has witnessed the small forest of political lawn signs arising over the last few weeks would be surprised...
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