Pat supports the Bugle and here’s why

Pat Thompson, a retired graphic designer and St. Anthony Park resident deeply active in the community, shares her thoughts on supporting the Bugle as we prepare to launch our annual fall fund drive:

How do you connect with the SAP community?

I am a St. Anthony Park Community Council rep for North St. Anthony Park, co-chair of the SAPCC Transportation Committee, board secretary of the Creative Enterprise Zone, active in Transition Town-All St. Anthony Park and the Garden Club, and recently helped start up the CoCreatz co-working and meeting space in South St. Anthony Park.

What does the Bugle mean to you?

The Bugle gave me my first connection to St. Anthony Park when my family moved here 26 years ago. I learned about its businesses, festivals, history, and people doing so many great things. I look forward to the paper coming out every month, and I use the website to look back for archival purposes now that I’m involved in community volunteering myself.

What would you say to encourage people to support the paper? 

Living in a city with daily newspapers is great, but if you want someone to pay attention to your immediate area, you need a focused newspaper like the Bugle. It’s part of the glue that holds this community together. Who else will tell our stories? Our stories matter, and we in this area have to financially support it if we want to keep it.

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