After 16 years in business and the last four at a storefront on Como Avenue in St. Anthony Park, Peapods has announced that it is going out of business.

In a press release issued June 4, husband-and-wife owners Dan Marshall and Millie Adelsheim said they are closing their alternative toy and baby supply store for several reasons, including “the brands we helped introduce to the Twin Cities are abandoning specialty stores like ours in favor of big boxes, or direct sales to customers.”

It’s particularly true with cloth diapers and baby carriers, which are two areas that Marshall and Adelsheim said defined their store.

“These products and ideas are now wholly mainstream,” the press release said. “You can buy a decent baby carrier at Target or cloth diapers at Kohl’s.”

Marshall and Adelsheim also listed changes in their personal lives as part of their decision to close. “We are no longer the parents of babies and our kids are interested in lots of awesome teenager stuff that doesn’t connect at all with Peapods. We’re ready to move on, even if we’re not sure where we’re going.”

Peapods is having a going-out-of-business sale starting Thursday, June 4. Everything in the store is 15 percent off. The sale is only at the store and not online. As the sale goes on they will add fixtures and equipment to it.

Marshall and Adelsheim plan to rent their building at 2290 Como Ave. for office or retail use. For more information, contact 651-695-5559.

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