Raymond Ave. project to last through mid-November

The Energy Park Drive intersection on Raymond Avenue is expected to be closed through mid-November, which is the projected time frame for the completion of the project.

Eastbound Energy Park Drive is shut down between Everett Court and 250 feet to the west of Raymond Avenue through the project end. Westbound Energy Park Drive will remain open throughout construction. There is access to the businesses in the contruction zone.

The Metro Transit 87 bus began a new detour on Sept. 14, when the intersection closed. The bus runs down Como Avenue to the University of Minnesota Transitway near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (east of the fire station). It takes the Transitway to Energy Park Drive and then to Highway 280. It exits at Territorial Road and follows the detour east to Hampden Avenue, then re-enters the usual route next to Hampden Park Co-op on Raymond. There are no stops on Raymond Avenue north of the railroad trestle and south of Como, and that includes the stop at Como and Raymond/Cleveland, next to Salon Ling. Riders can board or exit at any of the stops on Como between Raymond and the fire station, near the Transitway entrance.

You can get continual updates on the project at the city’s project website, www.stpaul.gov/index.aspx?NID=5566.

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